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RV Lemon Law

RV lemon law protects you from getting stuck with a major investment in an RV that is on the road to nowhere. Let’s face it, RVs are expensive, often costing as much as a small house these days (which they basically are). This lemon law is designed to give you remedies should your RV spend more time in the shop than in the campground.

A lot of people think that lemon laws are only for cars. But many states also cover defective recreational vehicles. Even if your state doesn’t have a lemon law specifically for RV's, you can still use the federal statutes if a dealer or manufacturer refuses to honor a warranty.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act serves as a federal level lemon law. While it’s not specific to RVs, it requires manufacturers to honor their warranties. If they don’t, they’re violating the law of the land and can be held accountable for damages, including the replacement or repair of your RV and reimbursement for all work performed.

State RV Lemon Law

While all states have lemon laws covering cars and trucks, not all extend such coverage to RVs. Unless RVs are specifically mentioned in your state lemon laws, you may not have an RV lemon law remedy at the state level. Many states place a weight limit on vehicles covered by their statutes. If your RV weighs in over that limit, you’re down to the federal warranty act as a course of legal action. For example, the Florida law only covers vehicle portions and then only if the RV is under 10,000 pounds.

If there is an RV lemon law in force in your state, it will usually follow the same requirements as autos. In other words, the RV may have had to be in the shop several times for the same issue within a specific period of time or within so many miles. Under RV lemon law you must always give the dealer or manufacturer a chance to fix the problem. If the problem continues, you can then invoke the protections of your state to force the dealer and/or manufacturer to refund your money, pay for all repairs and or replace your RV.

Most manufacturers know they’re on the hook for what’s in their warranties. If they eventually refuse to fix the problem, you can remind them of the RV lemon law in your state or the federal warranty act to see if they will suddenly see the light.

The procedures under the law are pretty straightforward. If you can’t get the problem fixed, you need to notify the manufacturer in writing that you are invoking the terms of the lemon law or the federal Magnuson-Moss act. Be sure you send this via certified mail or an express courier so you have a record that they received it.

You will also want to be sure that you keep all records of repairs, correspondence and responses from the dealer and/or manufacturer. They will be covering their behinds and you should too!

Is your RV a lemon?

If you just can’t get a repair to solve the problem, even after multiple visits to the dealer, it’s time to admit you have a lemon and check into the law in your area. RV lemon law allows you to seek relief. Your insurance company won’t be much help on this. They will only get involved if the problem with your RV caused an accident. The lemon law has to do with the warranties on the vehicle and their enforcement, not insurance.

Before you head off to an attorney or file an case in court, talk to the dealer/manufacturer first. Let them know what the problem is, tell them about the repair history and see if they will step up to the plate to remedy the issue without going to court. Sometimes they will.

If they don’t, your next step is to contact an attorney to see if your issue is covered by your state or if you can use the federal warranty act. They will let you know your options and, if necessary, file the proper paperwork in court to get the ball rolling.

The best way to avoid a lemon is to do your research. Some RVs are more troublesome than others and are begging to come under RV lemon law. This is especially true of less known brands, though the major ones always have a model or two that continually come up on the clunker list.

Good luck!

NOTE:The information here is not legal advice and is only presented to you so you can know your options if you purchased a lemon. As with any legal issue, you should seek the advice of a qualified attorney.



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