The Computer Lemon Law

Know About Your State's Computer Lemon Law

While every state has a lemon law covering your car, and many have a law covering your boat, RV or even your pet, most states do not have a computer lemon law.

While there are legislators who are trying to enact a lemon law covering computers, there seems to be a lot more involved than just modeling it after existing car lemon laws.

There are so many reasons that computers can malfunction that any computer lemon law would have to be very comprehensive and clear as to what is actually covered.

Fortunately, there are federal and state warranty laws that can act as a sort of lemon law to cover computers.

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Basically, if there is a recurring problem that cannot be fixed, and the computer is still under warranty, the consumer has the right to expect a refund or replacement.

Avoid Buying a Lemon Computer

Because of the lack of computer lemon laws, you need to be careful when purchasing a computer.

  • Avoid purchasing your computer from small, unknown dealers. Stick with authorized dealers.

  • Buy directly from the manufacturer.

  • Make sure that anything you buy comes with a service guarantee.

  • Research the company as carefully as you do the computer.

  • Find a company that has high customer satisfaction ratings, and good customer service.

  • Also look for great technical support.

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What Do I Do If My Computer Is a Lemon?

If your new computer has problems, call the manufacturer's or dealer's customer service or technical support.

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It may be something as simple as updating a driver, or executing a command, which you may be able to do yourself with the help of an support agent over the phone. If not, then it's time to figure out if there is a computer lemon law in your state.

If you purchased your computer from a reputable, popular company, then you should have no trouble getting them to repair or replace it, or refund what you paid for the machine.

Major retailers know what is required of them by any federal or state lemon law and usually have no problem fixing the issue.

If you plan on buying a new computer, do your research. A few hours reading reviews on the internet could save you a lot of headaches.

And knowing your rights when it comes to your state's computer lemon law will go along way to helping you should you be unlucky enough to buy a lemon computer.

NOTE:The information here is not legal advice and is only presented to you so you can know your options if you purchased a lemon. As with any legal issue, you should seek the advice of a qualified attorney.


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