Lemon Law for Trucks—Is Yours Covered Under State Lemon Laws?

The Truck Lemon Law and Who's Covered

Truck lemon laws are state-mandated laws that protect you, the consumer, against purchasing a faulty motor vehicle that is under a warranty.

As one person against a large corporation, it can often be very difficult to go against the truck manufacturers. Lemon laws are protection for you against the big companies that might otherwise be difficult to fight.

About State Lemon Laws

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Under most state lemon laws, if you purchase a defective truck, you are entitled to a repair or replacement of your vehicle, or a refund of the money you paid for it.

Most states require that three to four attempts be made during the warranty period to repair the truck before refunding your money or replacing your truck. But the truck must be repaired or replaced, at the risk of lemon law litigation against the company. Few motor vehicle manufacturers welcome a lawsuit.

Trucks and the Lemon Laws

Trucks up to 1.5 tons are included in state vehicle lemon laws. Both new and used trucks can be covered under a state lemon law.

Under the truck lemon law, the manufacturer is required to live up to the warranty—no matter how long the warranty may be. The only thing that you should have to do under warranty is provide the manufacturer with the opportunity to fix the defect.

If it is not fixed and the truck can no longer be relied upon, the warranty has been breached. This is the point where the truck lemon law requires refund or replacement of your vehicle. If your truck has been unavailable for use for a total of 30 days due to problems or repairs, the warranty can also be considered breached.

Millions of trucks are used around the United States. They help move the country, allowing people to transport goods back and forth, perform work, and move items that a smaller vehicle can't. Unfortunately, mechanical issues are not covered under truck insurance laws.

When it comes to mechanical issues, the truck's warranty is the only hope you have for fixing the truck or indemnifying you as the purchaser.

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What Do I Do If My Truck Is a Lemon?

If you suspect that your truck is a lemon, the first thing to do is contact the dealer where you purchased it. This should allow you to get in touch with the manufacturer, who should in turn make an attempt to repair your vehicle. If the necessary repair attempts are exhausted with no solution, your truck is deemed a lemon.

At this point, different manufacturers will react in different ways. Some companies will gladly replace your truck or refund its cost in an attempt to save their company name. Others won't go down as easily, but eventually they will be forced to comply with your state's truck lemon law.

If the manufacturer puts up a fight, it may be necessary to hire a lemon law lawyer and begin litigation. These are lawyers who specialize in lemon law cases and can go to bat for you.

If you win the case, the company will be required to refund the price of the truck in full. Depending on the judgment, they may also be required to pay additional monies, lawyers fees, etc.

NOTE:The information here is not legal advice and is only presented to you so you can know your options if you purchased a lemon. As with any legal issue, you should seek the advice of a qualified attorney.


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